About Aum Ashram

The Aum Ashram is a center of spiritual learning that promotes the ancient practices of India such as Yoga, Samskrita, Hindi along with other Indian languages, and cultural classes. In order to continue this spiritual tradition, Aum Ashram has undertaken many projects, one of which is the Samskar Mantapa.


Samskar Mantapa

The Samskar Mantapa is an open air structure next to the main building which can be used for outdoor yoga, meditation practices, and for some of the cultural classes such as the Bharatanatyam classes offered at the ashram. Another usage of the Mantapa could be to showcase performances of yoga demos or dance productions done by the Aum School students, and in the long term the Ashram could bring outside artists to perform in the mantapa as well.


Our Motivation

 The reason we wanted to fundraise towards this project is because of our personal connection to Bharatanatyam dance, Carnatic music, and Yoga, which we have been practicing for over a decade at Kalalaya Indian Performing Arts. We have also been a part of Aum Yog Sadhana for the past 2 years, and are currently undergoing the Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course. We were privileged to learn all of these art forms under one roof, so we would like to combine our passions for those art forms into one project: The Samskar Mantapa.

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