Aum Ashram San Antonio

Home of Education, Spirituality and Yog

A unique and magnificent place that is inspiring and important for the generations in the heart of the city of San Antonio

Aum Ashram San Antonio



Aum Ashram Programs


Aum School SA

A school where children learn Dharmic values along with academic excellence. We envision our students becoming tomorrow’s leaders, serving our community, our country, and all of humanity with these Dharmic values.


Aum Yog Sadhana

We are deeply humbled and gives immense joy to share the ancient timeless wisdom of Yoga which has a potential to transform us from within and experience our true self that is “Sat Chit Ananda“


Hindi Pathashala

Hindi Pathashala San Antonio started in 2015 with 40 students, classes for all age groups from Kinder to Adult and all levels.
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