Hindi Pathashala San Antonio

Hindi Pathashala is a non-profit voluntary organization under the parent umbrella of AUM Education Society of Texas. Hindi Pathashala started in the year 2015 with 40 students. This is our seventh successful year running in San Antonio. We have now grown to include students from all age groups and offer a variety of classes from learning grammar, composition and conversation in Hindi. Several volunteer teachers devote their time every week to motivate students to learn Hindi and help them stay connected to India’s rich and cultural heritage. In collaboration with AAPPL, a TEA approved agency, Middle and High school students upon completion of a qualitative exam are able to secure Hindi language proficiency certificate.

Hindi Pathashala 2023-2024

  • Hindi Pathashala will commence on Sunday, on Aug 27th, 2023.  
  • This is our 9th consecutive year teaching Hindi in San Antonio. We provide Hindi language and cultural classes for all age groups (PreK to Adult) and levels (Beginner to Advance as well as conversations classes). 
Starter (Prek/Kinder):
    1. Swars & Vyanjans
    2. Numbers 1-10
    3. Colors
    4. Animals/Birds
    5. Fruits/Vegetables
    6. Family tree
    7. Conversation in Hindi
Beginner 1/2:
  1. Barakhadi
  2. Grammar – Nouns, Pronouns, verbs and adjectives
  3. Writing, reading and building vocabulary on 2, 3 and 4 letter Hindi words with no maatraas.
  4. Words with maatraas
  5. Conversation in Hindi
    1. Conjunct words
    2. Letter writing, comprehension
    3. Story writing
    4. Projects
    5. Conversation in Hindi

We are blessed to have Experience teachers who are  volunteering for Hindi Pathashala since it started in 2016

Our Team

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